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Terms of Reference for TC RRS WG 2: Radio Equipment Architecture (REA)


  • To propose common reference architectures for SDR/CR radio equipments (mobile handset devices, radio base stations etc) in such a way, that those reference architectures can be used by TC-RRS;
  • To collect and define the requirements and scenarios for common reference architectures from relevant stakeholders
  • To build on the proposed common references architecture by defining related functionalities: interfaces and protocols;
  • To identify gaps, where existing ETSI and 3GPP standards do not fulfil the requirements by covering important aspects of the reference architectures, and suggest and pursue further standardization activities to fill those gaps;
  • To ensure the coverage of the most relevant standardization bodies across the globe;
  • To deliver its findings in the form of Technical Reports, Technical Specifications and other relevant ETSI deliverables as appropriate.

Areas of activity

  • Study on definition of common reference architectures for SDR/CR radio equipments on functional and logical level; 
  • Co-ordination of related requirements in order to produce a consistent set of ETSI Deliverables and Standards and to undertake measures to efficiently continue and stimulate further related work within ETSI; 
  • Draft and propose liaison with relevant external organizations such as SDOs under same topics; 
  •  Propose establishment of external relationships (and joint working groups) where and when ever needed. Formal relationships will be established using the normal processes via the ETSI Secretariat.

Organization and working methods/ Collaboration with other bodies

  • TC RRS WG REA shall work in accordance with the ETSI Directives and, in particular, the Technical Working Procedures; 
  •  TC RRS WG REA shall provide progress reports to the TC RRS.