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RRS Activity Report 2018-2019

Chairman: Markus Mueck, Intel  Deutschland GmbH

Responsible for the standardisation of Reconfigurable Radio Systems (RRS), including reconfigurable equipment architecture and Cognitive Radio.

The telecommunications industry faces a major challenge – a lack of spectrum to meet growing demand, particularly from the Internet and mobile communications. However, a significant amount of spectrum is allocated exclusively to organizations that do not take full advantage of it.

For example, much is used only across certain areas or at specific times. If this under-used spectrum could be shared, it could free up spectrum resources to support the needs of our connected world, including the Internet of Things (IoT). Sharing will also play a key role in the development of 5G.

Reconfigurable Radio Systems (RRS) – intelligent radio devices which can characterize and act upon their environment – offer an opportunity for the sharing of unused spectrum among multiple services and radio networks. In ETSI our Technical Committee on RRS is responsible for the standardization of these systems, including reconfigurable equipment architecture and Cognitive Radio.

In 2018, the committee published a multi-part Harmonised Standard (EN) on Mobile Device (MD) information models and protocols. Further ENs describe a radio reconfiguration architecture and related requirements for Mobile Devices.

Published as a Technical Report (TR), a feasibility study addresses the different technical possibilities for local high-quality wireless networks (nomadic or fixed) to access spectrum temporarily on a shared basis.

Also published as TR, a feasibility study for a Radio Interface Engine (RIE). addresses the acquisition and management of context information and suitable equipment configuration in a heterogeneous radio environment. A further TR explored radio equipment reconfiguration use cases.


  • Information model/protocols for generalized software reconfiguration architecture - generalized Multiradio Interface (gMURI); generalized Reconfigurable Radio Frequency Interface (gRRFI); generalized Unified Radio Application Interface (gURAI); generalized Radio Programming Interface (gRPI)
  • Radio equipment reconfiguration use cases
  • Radio Interface Engine (RIE) architecture
  • evolved Licensed Shared Access (eLSA) architecture
  • Dynamic re-certification related system requirements