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Terms of Reference for  Technical Committee (TC) Mobile Standards Group ( TC MSG) 

Approved at ETSI Board #108

Revised at Board#131, 28 January 2021

1 Responsibilities

The main responsibilities of ETSI TC MSG are:

  • Perform work regarding areas of activity as requested by mandates from the European Commission and all other tasks attributed to ETSI in support of European regulation of related systems
  • Identify European Regulatory requirements on Cellular systems to be developed by 3GPP
  • Develop Harmonised Standards covering essential requirements under article 3.2 of the Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU and related ETSI deliverables for GSM, IMT systems and technologies evolving therefrom. Close liaison should be maintained with 3GPP, 3GPP2, IEEE and WiMAX Forum as well as related ETSI bodies which might be affected by the deliverables made by MSG 
  • Address issues relating to the transposition of 3GPP Technical Specifications and Technical Reports into ETSI Deliverables (noting that the transposition is performed by the ETSI Secretariat and is normally done without direct involvement of ETSI MSG)
  • Provide maintenance of the ETSI deliverables under its responsibility after publication and throughout their useful lifetime
  • Avoid duplication of work in particular with 3GPP on the tasks described above
  • Subcontract work as needed, e.g. to/by 3GPP

The work on GSM and IMT systems will last for the period of maintenance of the standard and system enhancements requested by the users/customers of the standards.

2 Areas of activity

The activities of TC MSG include the following broad areas:

  • GSM and its evolutions
  • IMT systems i.e. for all IMT family members (including IMT Advanced) 
  • The request for a temporary exception for TC MSG to work on DECT and be able to evaluate the DECT2020 submission to the ITU as IMT2020 candidate was approved at Board#131 (D-B131/2).

The work is mainly focused on the production of European Standards as needed for regulatory purposes. This means the main task is to elaborate ESs and ENs related with the GSM and IMT systems.

The work of MSG includes also identification of European Regulatory requirements on cellular systems to be developed by 3GPP.

In addition to plenary, TC MSG might organise Working Groups for specific Work Items, including e.g.:

  • MSG TFES (a joint Task Force with TC ERM), working on IMT system
  • MSG EVAL WG working on the evaluation of DECT2020 with the ITU-R

Where needed, an appropriate liaison with other Technical Bodies will be established. This may include information exchange, consultation, co-ordination or subcontracting work.

3 Organisation and working methods

  • TC MSG shall work in accordance with the ETSI Directives and, in particular, the Technical Working Procedures
  • TC MSG shall provide progress reports to the ETSI Board and OCG as requested

4 Participation

Participation in TC MSG is open to all ETSI members in accordance with the Technical Working Procedures. Observers and non-members may participate at the discretion of the Chairman in line with clause 1.4 of the Technical Working Procedures.

5 Collaboration with other bodies (both inside and outside ETSI)

The tasks described above will require liaisons with relevant bodies within ETSI as well as outside ETSI according to the rules prescribed by the ETSI Directives.

Examples are listed below:

TC ERM: co-operation regarding the compliance to the EMC directive and utilisation of spectrum. 

3GPP: co-operation informing 3GPP of European Regulatory requirements on cellular systems to be developed by 3GPP.

GSM Association: Co-ordinating with 3GPP on GSM and IMT Systems related matters.

UMTS Forum: co-operation regarding IMT Systems deliverables.

CEPT ECC: co-operation related to the regulatory aspects in Europe. 

DIGITALEurope: Liaison regarding GSM and IMT systems on conformance requirement and testing aspects.

IEEE: co-operation regarding IMT Systems deliverables.

WiMAX Forum: co-operation regarding IMT Systems deliverables.