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ETSI has the responsibility of registering and allocating service codes for supplementary services used in public network services. This responsibility was transferred from ETNO/CEPT to ETSI in 1995.

What is a service code?

 A two or three digit string used within a user command dialogue to identify a supplementary service.

What is a supplementary service?

 An additional service provided by a network provider which modifies or supplements a basic telecommunications service or services.

What is a supplementary service code?

 A supplementary service code is a two or three digit string used within a user command dialogue to identify the supplementary service which it is required to access.

Where are these codes defined?

The services approved by ETSI are specified in a Report  pdf file and maintained by the ETSI Secretariat.

Who can ask for a new code?

After checking that this supplementary service code is not already used, any service provider and /or network provider who wishes to obtain a new code for a new service shall fill in the application form as defined in ES 201 382 Annex A (8Kb) pdf file
and provide HFsupport@etsi.org at the ETSI Secretariat with the name and a description of the new service.

Who allocates new codes?

The ETSI Secretariat checks the code list for conflicts and allocates a new number then informs the Chairmen of TCs HF, MSG and TETRA of the new provisional entry. If the Chairmen agree that the description provided is sufficient, the code is confirmed as a valid entry in the Register.

What happens if the service is not properly described or already assigned?

In the case where the Chairmen are not satisfied with the definition or the ETSI Secretariat finds a similar service in the database, the applicant is asked to provide further clarification. The applicant then has 12 months to answer this additional request. The assigned code is temporarily booked for this provisional 12-month period but will be removed in case of unsuccessful answer in due time.