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Terms of Reference for Technical Committee (TC) Human Factors (HF)

Revised ToR approved at Board/OCG#24bis (ETSI Board/OCG24bis(04)05)

The Human Factors committee is the technical body within ETSI responsible for Human Factors issues in all areas of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It produces standards, guidelines and reports that set the criteria necessary to build optimum usability into the emerging digital networked economy (DNE).  

The HF committee co-operates with other groups within ETSI and outside to assist them to produce standards, or other deliverables, which are in accordance with good Human Factors practice. Within ETSI it has a special responsibility for “Design for All” addressing the needs of all users, including young children, seniors and disabled people.  

Human Factors is the scientific application of knowledge about human capacities and limitations in order to make products, systems, services and environments effective, efficient and easy for everyone to use. It is a key factor for the commercial success of any ICT product or service in the digital networked economy.