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CTI Support to ETSI TC M2M

ETSI Centre for Testing and Interoperability works closely with TC M2M in the development and validation of Test Specifications.

The TC M2M standardization work is split in 5 WG:

  • WG1: Requirements and Use Cases
  • WG2: Functional Architecture
  • WG3: Protocols Group
  • WG4: Security Working
  • WG5: Management Working Group
CTI has been involved in, among other things, the development of  ETSI TS 103 104 (Interoperability Test Specification for CoAP Binding of ETSI M2M Primitives) and in the organization of several interoperability events on IoT/M2M protocols like CoAP and 6LoWPAN.

CTI has also organized M2M Demos events in parallel of the 4th last ETSI M2M Workshops. These events gave the opportunity to main actors to show and demonstrate interoperability of their ETSI M2M solutions, covering numerous needs of the huge worldwide M2M market.
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