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Status of an ETSI deliverable The contents of an ETSI deliverable may change as a result of the drafting and publication of a revised version, or the published deliverable may change its status. In order to find out whether a deliverable:
  • has been revised -  use the deliverable's identity (e.g. EN 301 123) in the Standard Search to find out which versions of the deliverable exist (in draft, final draft or published state).
  • is being revised - enter the work item number of the ETSI deliverable you are looking for in the field "Work Item Reference" of the ETSI Work Programme, e.g. DEN/TM-01015 or use the document number (e.g. EN 301 123) and click on "Search".
  • has changed status - consult the list concerning the statuses "stopped", "withdrawn" and "historical"

Stopped  (prior to Publication)

The responsible ETSI Technical Body can prior to Publication conclude that the deliverable is no longer required. In such a case the corresponding ETSI work item is declared as "stopped". The work item and the corresponding draft or final draft deliverable is in the ETSI work programme data base flagged as "stopped". A "stopped" deliverable is no longer available from the Publications Download Area.

Withdrawn  (after Publication)

ETSI Bodies may declare a published ETSI TS, ETSI TR, ETSI GS, ETSI GR or ETSI SR as "withdrawn". An ETSI ES, ETSI EG or ETSI EN may, after voting in accordance with the applicable procedure, be withdrawn as well. Such deliverables are flagged as "withdrawn" in the ETSI work programme and cannot be downloaded anymore. For any questions concerning "withdrawn" deliverables please contact edithelp@etsi.org 

Historical  (after Publication)

The Technical Body may declare a published ETSI deliverable as "historical"  (because a part or the whole of its content is for some reason considered obsolete and it is decided that the deliverable will not be maintained (updated or revised)). Such a deliverable is flagged as "historical" in the ETSI work programme, but is still available from the Standard Search.

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