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mWT White Papers

E-Band - Survey on status of worldwide regulation - Copy database (September 2020)

Author: Mario Giovanni Luigi Frecassetti

mmWave Semiconductor Industry Technologies: Status and Evolution (September 2018)

Authors: Several authors (see white paper)

Microwave and Millimetre wave for 5G Transport (February 2018)

Author: Renato Lombardi

mmWave Semiconductor Industry Technologies: Status and Evolution (July 2016)

Author: Uwe Rüddenklau

Maturity and field proven experience of millimetre wave transmission (September 2015)

ETSI White Papers at https://www.etsi.org/media-library/white-papers

Author: Dr. Mikael Coldrey

E-Band and V-Band - Survey on status of worldwide regulation (June 2015) (Database in Annex A updated in 2018)

Author: Mario Giovanni Luigi Frecassetti

ETSI White Papers at https://www.etsi.org/media-library/white-papers