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ETSI Technical Committee (TC) Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT™)

Approved at Board #52, May 2005 [ETSI/B52(05)16]

The DECTTM Technical Committee has overall responsibility within ETSI for the development and maintenance of standards for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECTTM) and the further evolution of DECT™.

 DECT™ is a registered trademark of ETSI in Europe for the benefit of ETSI Members.

1 Objectives

To complete the family of standards for DECTTM, so as to ensure that the required DECTTM specifications are available in a timely manner, for successful design, implementation and marketing of DECTTM equipment, services and facilities.

To collect new requirements for cordless systems and to further evolve the standard to fulfil new market requirements.

To liaise directly with bodies inside ETSI on matters relevant for the development of the standards.

To work within the objectives and timescales as stated in its ETSI work programme.

To develop, support and maintain standards for DECTTM that utilise the full potential of DECTTM as a network access technology, and that extend its applications and its interworking with other systems/networks.

 To ensure that the family of DECTTM standards are consistent and coherent and of high quality.

2 External Relations

Liaison with the DECTTM Forum (operators and manufacturers) to take on board industry wide opinion and market requirements.

Coordinate with TIA TR 41.6 for issues on DECTTM related standards in USA.

Cooperate with ITU to promote DECT™ as family member of 'International Mobile Telecommunications' (IMT) and to provide input for the update of the IMT-2000 recommendations.