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Terms of Reference (ToR) for TC RT Working Group JTFIR: TC ITS/TC RT Joint Task Force

For the investigation and development of a common technical solution applicable to urban rail and ITS in the 5 GHz frequency band in answer to the ECC LS FM(14)094 Annex 42/RT(15)057008 dated 17/02/2015 related to the SRDoc 103 111 on  Spectrum requirements for Urban Rail Systems in the 5,9 GHz range.

1.   Responsibility

JTFIR is responsible for investigating the shared usage of 5GHz frequency band for Urban Rail and ITS.  In more detail the group is responsible for: 
  • Collecting communication, operational and safety requirements from relevant stakeholders from the Rail Transportation and ITS domain.
  • Investigating the shared use of the 5875-5905 MHz and 5905-5925 MHz frequency bands between ITS and Urban Rail Communication Based Train Control (CBTC). 
  • Investigate the feasibility of common technical solutions for the seamless usage of such frequency bands by Urban Rail and ITS users.
  • Coordinate the TC ITS and TC RT work for those identified frequency bands. 

2.   Activities and working methods

RT JTFIR will liaise and cooperate as appropriate with relevant ETSI Technical Committees especially ERM as the ETSI coordinator for the contact with CEPT as well as the European Union Agency for Railways  and other relevant organisations (i.e. Car-2-Car Communication Consortium, UITP, etc.). 

RT JTFIR will report to both ETSI TC RT as well as TC ITS.

Proposal for New Work Items are the responsibility of the joint Task force (JTFIR) and are formally created under TC RT.  The final approval of the deliverables will be subject to the approval of both TC RT and TC ITS.