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Terms Of Reference for ETSI Technical Committee Power-Line Telecommunications (PLT)

Approved by Board #88

1. Title

ETSI Technical Committee Power-Line Telecommunications (TC PLT)

2. Purpose

PLT is responsible for standardization of communication devices operating on electrical networks.

PLT will develop ETSI deliverables to provide communications via the existing low, medium and high voltage power lines.

3. Scope

The committee will cover the following technologies:

  • Narrowband and
  • Broadband

The standards will be developed in sufficient detail to allow interoperability between PLT devices and co-existence with other devices (SW Radio,VDSL2, etc.)

4. Areas of activity

Typical areas of activities:

  • High speed home networking,
  • Smart grid access networks and
  • Smart grid home area networks.

In line with ETSI Long Term Strategy, TC PLT will contribute to development of advanced communications using MIMO technology over power lines based on real world measurements.

The group will continue to build its leadership in the area of PLT plugtest interoperability, performance and coexistence events. This approach guarantees the ETSI PLT technical specifications and specifications of other SDOs operation in industrial and consumer products.

5. Relations outside ETSI

    5.1 Internal

TC PLT will work closely with:

  • ETSI TBs
  • ETSI Project E2NA

In addition, for the following related issues, PLT will work closely with:

  • CEPT ECC (via ETSI ERM), CENELEC (on EMC issues) and ITU-R (via TC ERM)

    5.2 External

TC PLT will also work with:

  • ITU-T SG15,
  • IEEE 1901, 1901.2 and 1905.1 and
  • Industrial alliances working on PLT