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ISG NFV Leadership Team

NFV Plenary


Yoshihiro Nakajima, Docomo Communications Labs Europe
NFV Chairman



Xuliang Wang, China Telecommunications
NFV Vice Chairman

Janusz Pieczerak, Orange
NFV Vice Chairman

Hui DENG (small)

Hui Deng, Huawei
NFV Vice Chairman

Technical Steering Committee (TSC)


Ulrich Kleber, Huawei
Technical Manager
Manchang Ju, ZTE Corporation
Assistant Technical Manager


Network Operator Council (NoC)



Diego Lopez, Telefonica S.A.
NOC Chairman 




Yoshihiro Nakajima

Head of NFV standardization, DOCOMO Euro-Labs

Chairman | ETSI NFV ISG


Director of Network Virtualization Platform, core network development department, NTT DOCOMO

Yoshihiro joined NTT DOCOMO in 2017 as a manager covering in network management and orchestration group, core network development department, covering the commercial development of NFV-MANO (NFVO/VNFM) and VIM/NFVI, and standardization.

Currently the director of network virtualization platform for core network and radio access network, and head of NFV standardization in NTT DOCOMO, Yoshihiro is responsible for direction and strategy for NFV, as well as the commercial development of network virtualization


image638156890963123667 Xuliang Wang

Vice Chairman | ETSI NFV ISG

Graduated from Nara Institute of Science and Technology in Japan, and joined the China Telecom Research Institute in 2016 to be charge of cloud computing research team.
His long-term research fields include technical prototyping, testing, standard formulation, and current network pilot verification in the SDN/NFV field





Mr. Janusz Pieczerak

Standardisation expert | Orange
Vice Chairman | ETSI NFV ISG

Janusz joined
Telecom Poland (from 2012 Orange Poland) in 2001 as a researcher in the area of telecommunications, including next generation networks, business multimedia communication systems, telecommunication network synchronization systems and core network evolution. 

Current scope of his activities is focused on virtualized software infrastructures for telecommunication networks. 
He has represented Orange in standardization activities since 2002 in multiple groups (ITU-T SG11, ITU-T SG13, ISO JTC1 SC38, DMTF, ETSI ISG NFV)

Janusz has a Master Degree in Radioelectronics obtained from Warsaw University of Technology 






Mr. Hui Deng

Head of NFV delegation | Huawei

Vice Chairman | ETSI NFV ISG

DENG Hui has more than 20 years of telecom experience. He was the principal staff of china mobile for network about 10 years, and served in the board of standard and open source like OPEN-O, OPNFV, and WBA; co-chair of modeling subcommittee of ONAP, IETF MIF working group co-chair et al.


Currently as the chief standard delegate, he is covering 5GC/NFV/MEC standardization and open source. He is promoting ETSI NFV standard which will benefit for telecom operators long term strategy during the transformation stage.





Mr. Ulrich Kleber,

Chief Standardization Expert | Huawei
Technical Manager | ETSI NFV ISG

Ulrich is the
 Chief Standardization Expert in Huawei’s European Research Institute.
During 37 years of work experience at Siemens, NSN and Huawei, he has been a system architect in all areas of telecommunication systems developing technology, architectures and strategies according to customer requirements and business goals.
He has been part of several industry initiatives, including the Service Availability Forum (chairing the technical working group), Scope Alliance (middleware working group and in 2013 chairman of the board), OpenSAF (TSC member), OPNFV (TSC member and project lead), ETSI ISG ZSM, ETSI ISG MEC. 



  Mr. Manchang Ju

Standardisation expert | ZTE Corporation 

Assistant Technical Manager | ETSI NFV ISG

Manchang joined ZTE Corporation in 2007 as a software R&D engineer in the area of telecommunications, including next generation networks, and core network evolution. 

Current scope of his activities is focused on virtualized software infrastructures for telecommunication networks and autonomous network.

He has represented ZTE Corporation in standardization activities since 2017 in multiple groups (ETSI ISG NFV, 3GPP SA5, TMForum, NGMN, O-RAN).

Manchang has a Master Degree in Communication and Information System obtained from Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.




Mr. Diego Lopez

Senior Technology Expert | Telefónica I & D

Diego López joined Telefonica I+D in 2011 as a Senior Technology Expert on network middleware and services. He is currently in charge of the Technology Exploration activities within the GCTO Unit of Telefónica I+D. Before joining Telefónica he spent some years in the academic sector, dedicated to research on network service abstractions and the development of APIs based on them. During this period he was appointed as member of the High Level Expert Group on Scientific Data Infrastructures by the European Commission.

Diego is currently focused on identifying and evaluating new opportunities in technologies applicable to network infrastructures, and the co-ordination of national and international collaboration activities. His current interests are related to network infrastructural services, new network architectures, and network programmability and virtualization. Apart from his participation ETSI NFV ISG, Diego is an active participant to the ONF, and the IETF WGs connected to these activities.

When not struggling with these issues, Diego dedicates his time to his girls, seeking and enjoying comics, wines, and cheeses, and long peripatetic discussions.