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ISG MEC Leaders and Support Team


Dario Sabella, Intel

ISG MEC Chairman




Walter Featherstone, Samsung

ISG MEC Vice-Chair, WG DECODE Chair


Alice Li, Huawei

ISG MEC Vice-Chair


Pekka Kuure, Nokia

ISG MEC Vice-Chair


Debashish Purkayastha, InterDigital

WG DECODE Vice-Chair


Jane Shen, Mavenir

ISG MEC Technical Expert, with specific duties on Open Source engagements


Chantal Bonardi, ETSI

Technical Officer

MEC Support Team

MEC Support Team Leader:

  • Diego Lopez, Telefonica


MEC Support Team Members:

 •Bob Gazda (InterDigital)

•Alice Li (Huawei)

•Pierre Lynch (KeySight)

•Dario Sabella (Intel)

•Salvatore Scarpina (TIM)

•Laurent Velez (ETSI)

Short Bios of the MEC Leaders

Mr. Dario Sabella

Senior Manager Standards and Research | Intel

Chairman | ETSI ISG MEC

DARIO SABELLA works with INTEL as Senior Manager Standards and Research, driving new technologies and edge cloud innovation for advanced systems, involved in ecosystem engagement and coordinating internal alignment on edge computing across standards and industry groups. In February 2021 has been elected as Chairman of ETSI MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing), while from 2019 he was serving as vice-chairman, previously Lead of Industry Groups, and from 2015 vice-chair of IEG WG. Since 2017 he is also delegate of 5GAA (5G Automotive Association). Before 2017 he worked in TIM (Telecom Italia group), as responsible in various research, experimental and operational activities on OFDMA technologies (WiMAX, LTE, 5G). Author of several publications (40+) and patents (30+) in the field of wireless communications, energy efficiency and edge computing, Dario is IEEE senior member and has also organized several international workshops and conferences.
Walter Feathermore
Dr. Walter Featherstone

Senior Engineer Technology Standardization | Samsung

Vice-Chair | ETSI ISG MEC


WALTER FEATHERSTONE is a Senior Standards Engineer at Samsung R&D Institute UE, with over 20 years’ experience in the mobile telecommunications industry during which standardization and research have been a central theme. In 2021 he was elected as Vice-Chair of ETSI ISG MEC, whilst already holding the position of Deployment and Ecosystem Development Chair having been elected in 2019. He has been an active contributor to the ISG since 2016, leading the group’s OpenAPI work as rapporteur and appointed as Technical Manager with a focus on architecting for open source in 2017. Prior to joining Samsung, he worked for VIAVI Solutions and before that Motorola Mobility during Google’s ownership, Nokia Networks and Motorola Solutions. He gained his PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering from the University of Leeds, specializing in Super Resolution Direction Finding. Walter is a chartered member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and is the IET Swindon Local Network Chair.

Dr. Alice Li

Senior Standards Expert at Huawei Technologies UK, with over 20 years’ experience in the mobile telecommunications industry. Prior to joining Huawei in 2020, she worked for Vodafone where she was also active in ETSI ISG MEC. Prior to Vodafone, she worked at Fujitsu Laboratories and Motorola. She has been active in several major SDOs and alliances -- ETSI ISG MEC, 3GPP SA1, 5G ACIA and 5GAA. Particularly in MEC ISG she has been the rapporteur and contributor to several major WIs, including Edge Application Enablement API and recently API Conformance Testing specifications. She is also rapporteur of 5G service requirements specification in 3GPP SA1, as well as an active contributor in other organisations such as 5GAA and 5G ACIA. A more comprehensive listing of her professional experience can be found on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zhaojun-alice-li-29381917/.

Mr. Pekka Kuure

Standardization program manager | Nokia

Vice-Chair | ETSI ISG MEC

PEKKA KUURE is Standardization program manager at Nokia, Vice Chair at ETSI MEC and Head of Nokia delegation in O-RAN Alliance. Currently working on Open RAN architecture, Distributed AI/ML, RAN programmability, Edge Cloud, API frameworks, RESTful APIs, Alternative Transports, RAN & Core Network services and information exposure. Years of experience from wireless industry from Mobile Handsets, Networks and Network operator sides. 20+ years of standards experience from ETSI, 3GPP, IETF, OMA, WiMAXForum, O-RAN and several other organizations and industry consortiums.

Mr. Debashish Purkayastha

Principal Engineer | InterDigital


DEBASHISH PURKAYASTHA is a Principal Engineer in InterDigital's Wireless Networking Lab.Debashish is an accomplished engineering professional and technologist with over 20 years of industry experience in wireless telecommunications, networking, and embedded systems. He has broad expertise covering incubation, pre-standards R&D, standardization, technology, product development and prototyping. He actively participates and contributes in various standard organization, including leadership positions. Currently at InterDigital, Debashish is a leading researcher and innovator focused on 5G and 6G Network Architectures and Edge Computing. Debashish holds a MS in Computer Engineering degree from Villanova University, and a BE in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from NIT Silchar, India. His research interests include wireless communications and networking, mobility, edge & distributed computing, and real-time systems.

Jane Shen

VP of Technology Strategy | Mavenir

Technical Expert | ETSI ISG MEC

JANE SHEN works in Mavenir responsible for Telco public cloud readiness and MEC technology strategy, driving new technology adoption and product innovation. She has been working in opensource communities for years holding various positions such as LF Edge board member alternative, LF edge Marketing group representative, Akraino API subcommittee co-chair and CNCF KubeEdge MEC SIG initiator. Since 2019 she started to engage in ETSI MEC activities. She held various leadership positions in engineering and technical planning in Mavenir and Futurewei. She is an experienced architect in 4G/5G NFV core network, MEC, OSS/BSS, and automation. She has been fully engaged in Telco Network Cloud Native movement and applying Data analytics and AI in the telco space.

Chantal Bonardi

Technical Officer | ETSI

Technical Officer | ETSI ISG MEC

CHANTAL BONARDI is a Technical Officer within the ETSI Secretariat and has 28 years of experience in International standardization.She has provided support to more than a dozen ETSI TBs or ISGs and has gained considerable experience on the world stage. She is mainly renowned for her knowledge in the standardization aspects of public safety/emergency communications and multimedia delivery/broadcasting. Since 2017, Chantal has broadened her scope by providing support to ISG MEC. She has also been actively involved in the Global Standards Collaboration (GSC) as Convenor of a Task Force and in promoting the results of the ETSI work at International Conferences.