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LI deliverables approval procedure

Although these items are normally agreed at meetings:

  • CRs for revision of previously published deliverables
  • Full new drafts to be proposed for first publication (V1.1.1)

The revised or new full deliverables are not approved for publication at this stage.

Full deliverables, revised and new, must be uploaded by end of meeting or at latest end of week, in case of revisions all agreed CRs implemented by the Rapporteur.

The TC LI Technical Officer takes the necessary time to check the deliverables, makes any updates, if necessary he/she contacts the Rapporteurs / Chairman.

When all deliverables are checked and updated, and all attachments are available, the TC LI Technical Officer launches a 1-week TB approval through Remote Consensus for the TC LI group to check the full deliverables with any attachments.

In case of no objections, or in case of requests of editorial changes only (which the Rapporteur needs to look after straight after the end of the Remote Consensus period), the documents are approved.

In case of substantial objections during the 1-week period of Remote Consensus, the CRs agreed at the meeting, or the full new drafts proposed for first publication, are deferred to a following meeting.