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ETSI GA Ad hoc group on specific governance topics -  Terms of Reference


  • Provide recommendation(s)/proposals/other supporting documents, if any, on the composition and size of the ETSI Board
  • Review the ETSI decision making process in the interest of all members considering, among others, the messages given in the European Standardisation Strategy and provided from the European Commission to ETSI


  • The ad hoc group is open to all ETSI members and Counsellors
  • Guests (non-ETSI members) can be invited by the Chair


  • The Chair of the ETSI GA is appointed as chair of the ad hoc group
  • To avoid a potential conflict of interest, the GA Chair will not lead the discussion on any agenda item concerning the ad hoc group during the meetings of the General Assembly


  • The ad hoc group will develop a timeline for the expected outcomes of the  ad hoc group
  • The dates that the group will have to keep in mind while developing the timeline are the following:
    • GA#81a-XM: May 5 – cut-off date April 25 (10 days before)
    • GA#81b-XM June 29 – call for meeting June 14 (15 days before), cut-off date June 19 (10 days before)
    • SCM : June 29 - call & cut-off for documents May 18 (6 weeks before)

Working methods

  • The group will not use formal voting. Any recommendations, reports or supporting documents provided to the General Assembly should preferably be agreed by consensus. If proposals are agreed only by a majority of the participants, that needs to be clearly communicated to the GA.
  • The group will work by electronic means. If a hybrid meeting would be deemed to help in the process, hybrid meetings can be used.
  • The documents will be made available on the ETSI Portal.
  • The meetings will be minuted.
  • The group has access to an email reflector for support.