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Terms of Reference (ToR) for ETSI Project  End-to-End Network Architectures (E2NA) Working Group REQ

Approved at ETSI Board#89

 E2NA Requirements WG (REQ) shall:

  • Develop the Stage 1 requirements in the scope of E2NA, providing an input for the Stage 2 work to be done in the WG Architecture and for the following detailed specifications to be defined in the ETSI organizations that are members of the project. This implies:

o    Producing requirements based on WIs adopted in EP E2NA

o    Deriving requirements from WIs of the member organizations within EP E2NA scope

o    Detailing use cases for elaboration and clarification of the requirements

o    Providing resulting requirements as input to the member organizations when the related activities are in their scope

  • Encourage requirements input, and consider the requirements inputs coming from the member organizations of E2NA, harmonizing and integrating them as appropriate and providing feedback to the member organizations, with the goal of producing a coherent set of requirements 
  • Provide feedback to the member organizations on the requirements WI coherence, similarities, affinities and overlaps to allow E2NA to maintain an up to date and optimized Work Plan 

Areas of activity

  • Document the Requirements for EP E2NA, specifically focusing on:

o    Service and Network inter-working and interconnection at the service, control and transport level, for the evolution of the Operator Networks, Corporate Networks, and Customer Premises Networks (CPNs),  including requirements for security aspects, network management and testing

o    Multimedia services and architecture

o    Emergency services in coherence with the other covered areas

o    Interconnection with mobile and cable networks

o    Accounting and charging aspects

o    Regulatory aspects

o    Numbering, routing and naming

  • Ensure alignment with other relevant standard groups such as 3GPP and BBF, and work to avoid Stage 1 overlaps

 Collaboration with other bodies (both inside and outside ETSI)

  • Cooperation with ETSI groups external to the E2NA project.
  • Cooperation with other appropriate bodies, in line with ETSI’s external relations.