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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Technical Committee (TC) Cyber Security  (CYBER)

Approved at ETSI Board#110 


The main responsibilities of ETSI TC CYBER are:

  • To act as the ETSI centre of expertise in the area of Cyber Security
  • Advise and assist all ETSI Groups with the development of Cyber Security requirements
  • To develop and maintain the Standards, Specifications and other deliverables to support the development and implementation of Cyber Security standardization within ETSI
  • To collect and specify Cyber Security requirements from relevant stakeholders
  • To identify gaps where existing standards do not fulfil the requirements and provide specifications and standards to fill these gaps, without duplication of work in other ETSI committees and partnership projects
  • To ensure that appropriate Standards are developed within ETSI in order to meet these requirements
  • To perform identified work as sub-contracted from ETSI Projects and ETSI Partnership Projects
  • To coordinate work in ETSI with external groups such as ENISA
  • To answer to policy requests related to Cyber Security, and security in broad sense in the ICT sector.

Areas of activity

The activities of TC CYBER will be performed in close co-operation with relevant standards activities within and outside ETSI. 
The activities of ETSI TC CYBER include the following broad areas:

  • Cyber Security
  • Security of infrastructures, devices, services and protocols
  • Security advice, guidance and operational security requirements to users, manufacturers and network and infrastructure operators
  • Security tools and techniques
  • Provision of security mechanisms to protect privacy
  • Creation of security specifications and alignment with work done in other TCs.


The tasks described above will require liaisons with relevant bodies within ETSI as well as outside ETSI.

Internal to ETSI:

  • ETSI TCs that have a requirement for Security in their work. Examples are LI, SAGE, and SmartM2M. It is recognised that Security is a vertical activity and undertaken within groups, whilst TC CYBER may provide advice, guidance and horizontal coordination
  • ETSI ISGs that have a requirement for security in their work 

External to ETSI:

  • Coordination with European, National and International standards organisations, as well as other bodies such as ENISA, 3GPP, oneM2M, and Professional organisations etc.