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Term Of Reference for BROADCAST, Joint EBU/CENELEC/ETSI Technical Committee

Accepted ETSI/TA23(95)40a1


  • To prepare standards for broadcast systems(*) for television, radio, data and other new services via satellite, cable, SMATV and terrestrial transmitters; 
  • To prepare standards for the primary transmission of programmes or programme material. Such transmissions include both contribution and distribution circuits; 
  • To prepare standards for the secondary transmission of programmes intended for the general public. Such transmission would include cable networks and distribution systems, and B-ISDN networks; 
  • To prepare standards for the above and for the equivalent receiving equipment; 
  • To assess the work performed within the framework of the technical module of the DVB MoU, CENELEC and ETSI TCs as well as EBU working parties and keeping appropriate liaison with them.
  • To propose any appropriate action to make the elaboration of these standards the most efficient possible, including work programme allocation, where necessary; 
  • To prepare, when appropriate, draft contributions to world-wide standardization bodies and European legislative bodies (e.g. EU); To provide a forum for discussion on broadcast standards for broadcasters, programme providers, telecommunication agencies, radio regulatory authorities, manufacturers and other institutions relevant to the interests of the EBU, CENELEC and ETSI; 
  • To review its Terms of Reference when appropriate, and make proposals for changes for the joint approval of the EBU Technical Committee, CENELEC Technical Bureau and General Assembly / or Board as appropriate.

    (*) In this context, the specification of a broadcast system defines the emission-reception combination.