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Equation(s) under 2016

Word 2016 includes an equation editor but is no longer compatible with Equation editor 3.0 (which is no longer supported by Microsoft).

The 2016 editor allows us to read 3.0 equations, insert new equations but not to convert 3.0 equations.

To convert these 3.0 equations:

  1. Retype all the equation(s) in Word 2016 when needed by using the Word 2016 editor.

  2. Use another tool such as Mathtype only for conversion matters.

Equation(s) in previous versions of word

Do you need to create and/or modify equations within an ETSI deliverable? If so, simply open Version 3.0 of Microsoft® Equation Editor. It will update the version that you have on your computer.

  • Version 3.0 (for Word 1997 to 2003 - already available on Word 2007 to 2010).