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ETSI styles


 Use this style For this type of element 
Heading styles For different headings
Heading 1 Clause
Headings 2 to 5  Subdivision level 2 to 5 
H6 Subdivision level 6 (not reflected in the table of contents)
Heading 8 Annex title (for ENs, HSs, TSs, ESs and GSs only)
Heading 9  Annex title (for TRs, EGs, GRs and SRs only)
Example styles For examples and abbreviations/symbols lists
EX  Reference, Example =>
EW Symbol, Abbreviation, Example continuation in text =>
Note style

NO Note integrated in the text =>
Figure styles
For formatting figures
TF Figure title
FL Figure layout
NF Note in figure => 
Table styles
For formatting tables
TH Table title
TAH Heading within table or column heading 
TAC Centred texts
TAL Left aligned text 
TAR Right aligned text 
TB1 List in tables Level 1 
TB2 List in tables Level 2 
TAN Note in table => 
List styles (indents)
B1 to B5 Indent 1 to 5
B1+ Bulleted indent 1 (round bullets)
B2+ Bulleted indent 2 (dashes) 
B3+ Bulleted indent 3 (square bullets) 
BN Bulleted (numbers) indent 1 
BL Bulleted (letters) indent 1 
General styles For different items
Normal Standard paragraph, Definition 
TT Contents list title 
PL Programming language 
EQ Equation 
Header Header (portrait and landscape pages) 
Style which can be user-defined
For formatting defined by the user that will not be
altered by the ETSI processing macros 
FP Free Paragraph
=>      use "tab" between "item/number" and "text".
EXAMPLE:          The "tab" is preceding this example text.