ETSI Directives

ETSI Directives

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Version 36 dated June 2016 includes the following changes with respect to Version 35:

ETSI Rules of Procedures (RoP)

Article 8.3.3 updated to reflect the implementation of a new STF Process. [D-GA67/12{SCM}]

For further information see document [ETSI/GA(16)67S003].

ETSI Technical Working Procedures (TWP)

Introduction, Clauses 1.3.3, 2.2.7,,,, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3.1, 3.3.2, 3.3.3, 3.4, 3.8 and Annex A.1, A.2, A.3, A.5, B, D.3, K updated, and Clause added, to reflect the creation of Group Report (GR) as a new ETSI Industry Specification Group deliverable type and the introduction of several enhancements and clarifications related to the Industry Specification Group processes. [D-B107/17]

For further information see document [ETSI/BOARD(16)107_022].

Clause 1.10 and Annex H updated to reflect the implementation of a new STF Process and the new EC/EFTA lump sum-based funding mechanism (Clauses 1.10.1,,, 1.10.3 and Annex H updated, Clauses 1.10.4, 1.10.5 and Annex H.2 added, former Clause 1.10.4 renumbered 1.10.6, former Clause 1.10.5 updated and renumbered 1.10.7, former Clause 1.10.6 updated and renumbered 1.10.8, former Clause 1.10.7 updated and renumbered 1.10.9, former Annex H.1 replaced by a new Annex H.1, former Annex H.2 updated and renumbered H.3, former Annex H.3 updated and renumbered H.4, former Annex H.8 updated and renumbered H.5, former Annexes H.4, H.5, H.6, H.7 deleted). [D-B107/15]

For further information see document [ETSI/BOARD(16)107_029r3].

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