ETSI Directives

ETSI Directives

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Version 34 dated December 2014 includes the following changes with respect to Version 33 

ETSI Rules of Procedures (RoP): 

New RoP Article 3.6 to clarify the handling of GA documentation (as originally agreed at GA#41)] [D-GA64/23{SCM}].  For further information see document [ETSI/GA(14)64S002]. 

Update to RoP Annex 3 concerning the allocation of a weighting of 3 to the National Delegation of Montenegro [D-GA64/5].  For further information see document [ETSI/GA(14)64_013]. 

Powers and Functions of the Board: 

Update to Board Power (29) delegating authority to the Board for the processing of new Partner applications for Partnership Projects [D-GA64/7].  For further information see document [ETSI/GA(14)64_008]. 

ETSI Technical Working Procedures (TWP): 

Updated TWP clause to repair a small number of inconsistencies in the process for joint technical working with CEN and CENELEC [D-B99/6].  For further information see document [ETSI/BOARD(14)99_042]. 

New TWP clause 1.6.9, new Annex Q, new Annex R, update to clause 1.8 and deletion of clause 2.3 to reflect the description of the Partnership Engagement Process and the PAS Process [D-B99/13]For further information see document [ETSI/BOARD(14)99_028r1]. 

Editorial update Annex P to include the missing Annex 4 "Document history" section of the agreement on joint technical working with CEN and CENELEC. 

ETSI Information Policy: 

Inclusion of the ETSI Information Policy to provide a simplified expression of the rules contained in various parts of the ETSI Directives  For further information see document [ETSI/GA(14)64_014]. 

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