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IPv6 Activities

ETSI CTI continues participating in several IPv6 related activities in collaboration with other organizations in the field such as Broadband Forum, University of New Hampshire - InterOperability Laboratory, Beijing Internet Information, as well as working closely with IPv6 Forum.

Besides the participation in the development of IPv6 test specifications years ago, ETSI CTI is now working closely with TC CABLE on ETSI STF440 which aims at developing technical specifications for IPv6 transition technologies in cable networks and defining requirements on network and device architecture and design.

Moreover, ETSI CTI has supported, and will continue doing so, IPv6 testing related events such as 1st Global IPv6 Transition InterOp Event held in November 2012 in Beijing in which major transition technologies were evaluated, i.e. DS-Lite, 6rd, NAT64, Lightweight 4over6, etc. Future IPv6 interoperability events are under discussion.