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Cloud Test Events


CloudPlugfest is a co-operative community series designed to promote interoperability efforts on cloud-based software, frameworks, and standards among vendors, products, projects and implementations. This series were launched by SNIA and OGF in 2011, ETSI CTI joined in February 2012 and has been providing since test methodology, expertise and tools. Learn more...

Cloud Interoperability Week

Co-organised by DMTF, ETSI, OASIS, OCEAN Project, OGF, OW2 and SNIA and offering a combination of workshop, demos and the 10th Cloud Plugfest, the Cloud Interoperability Week provided an insight into the current state of Cloud Standards implementations and use cases. It evaluated the level of interoperability of different solutions and showcased how Cloud Standards work together.

This event continued the series of Cloud Plugfests aimed at promoting interoperability efforts on cloud standards-based software, services, frameworks, products and projects.

The Cloud Interoperability Week was co-located with the EGI Technical Forum and OGF#39 at the Hotel Melia Castilla, in Madrid, Spain, 18th – 20th September. Cloud Plugfest activities were be also hosted at the SNIA Storage Developer Conference in Santa Clara, CA 16th-18th September. Learn more...