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Laurent Vreck

Senior Technical Officer

Laurent has been working with ETSI since 1998 and is responsible for support to standardization activities carried out by ETSI Technical Committees.  Laurent is presently dedicating most of this time to the work of ISG NFV (Network Function Firtualisation).
In 2013 Laurent provided support to the Cloud Standards Coordination project, led by ETSI for the European Comission.
He was formerly involved with TS SmartM2M, TC CLOUD, TC MTS (Methods for Testing and Specification), TC TISPAN (Telecoms & Internet converged Services & Protocols for Advanced Nwk), TC EE (Environmental Engineering), TC STQ (Speech and multimedia Transmission Quality), EP TIPHON (Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks), TC DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications).
Prior to that he worked for IBM where he was successively employed as Tester, Technical Support Engineer, and Product Engineer on broadwand network products.

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