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General rules on copyrights

By nature, copyrights may apply to different kind of elements/works regardless of their merits, e.g. a text, a figure, a photography, a software source code, etc.

If, in exceptional circumstances, the use of a copyrighted work cannot be avoided, their nature shall be indicated by the symbol ©. 

Reproduction of third parties text

Providing a reference to a third party text shall be preferred to reproducing such a text. Taking into consideration that a copyright authorization may be withdrawn at any moment from the copyright holder, the reproduction of third parties texts shall be avoided.

The reproduction of a third party text in ETSI deliverables requires the author's authorization.

Reproduction of third parties software elements

Many software elements such as the source code, the object code and the graphic interfaces may be protected by copyright.

The reproduction of software elements in ETSI deliverables shall be avoided and in case it cannot be avoided, shall require to get the software owner's authorization.

In case of open source elements, the risks of contamination of ETSI deliverables shall be assessed before introducing such elements into ETSI deliverables.

NOTE: Further details on these subjects can also be found in the file "Manual of signs".