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Marcello Pagnozzi

 Senior Technical Officer

Marcello joined ETSI in 1999 and since then has had the opportunity to be Technical Officer for most of the ETSI radio standardization committees (DECT, TETRA, RRS, SES, BROADCAST, MSG/TFES, SmartBAN and ERM,) as well as non-radio (TMN, EE, HF, eHEALTH, MCD, USER); he also supported OCG and BOARD ad Hoc Groups. 
He was also responsible or the international partnership Project MESA as well as being the ETSI secretariat representative to CEPT (ECC and COM-ITU), EC Radio Spectrum Committees meetings (RSCom and RSPG), plus ITU and DVB Project. Marcello has also chaired and presented at several international ICT workshops.
In addition Marcello is a presenter at the bi-annual ETSI Seminar dedicated to explain ETSI rules to a wide public (Secretariat staff, ETSI members and non members). 
Before joining ETSI, he got a Master degree in electronic engineering from the University of Naples, Italy in 1990 and since then has always been in the telecom arena and based in several european countries working for a number of organizations, from equipment providers to network operators and carriers, where he dealt with different services and technologies for fixed, radio and network management.

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