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Louise Clarke

Standardization Support Coordinator

Louise is British and has been living in France since 2007.

Her background is founded on over 20 years of customer service experience incorporating account management, team leading and recruitment.
She joined ETSI in 2008 and where her first role was in Forapolis as a Document Support Officer for OMA (Open Mobile Alliance).

Since May 2010 Louise has been a member of the CSC team providing TB support to several committees including the OCG, ATTM, STQ, DECT and RRS and well as several ISGs.

Her special focus since November 2012 has been the NFV ISG which has grown rapidly to be the largest ETSI ISG. Louise covers all areas of support including membership, meeting preparation and logistics, Liaison Statements and meeting fees for Participant members.

Prior to joining ETSI in 2008 she worked for the European Association of communication Agencies and Ansell Healthcare Europe in Brussels and Unilever Plc in the UK.

Louise graduated from Sheffield University in 1992 with BA Honours in Russian and Modern History.

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