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Terms of Reference for TISPAN WG8
Competence centre for Management of Next Generation Networks

TISPAN WG8 is responsible for:

  • Conducting studies leading to deliverables on Management for Next Generation Networks (NGN).
  • Delivering a complete set of Management specifications for NGN as specified by TISPAN.
  • Co-ordinating with, and supporting, other TISPAN WGs with respect to the development of specifications which impact the management of NGN.
  • Tracking of, and liasing with, ongoing worldwide NGN Management activities of interest to TISPAN.



WG8 shall undertake activities including, but not restricted to:

  • Study, determine and document the objectives and priorities for NGN management taking into account the needs and aspirations of users, operators, regulators and manufacturers.
  • Define a management architecture for NGN which will satisfy the management requirements and align with the NGN system architecture.
  • Produce a plan for the introduction of the various elements of the management architecture which is in line with the development of NGN by TISPAN.
  • Produce the specifications needed for NGN network and service management processes, and for the management of the NGN physical and logical building blocks, re-using applicable specifications from other SDOs as much as possible.


Collaboration with other bodies:

Liaisons may be established with the following bodies:

  • ITU-T SG4
  • ITU-T SG13
  • ITU-T SG15
  • 3GPP SA5
  • ECMA TC32
  • IETF Operations and Management area
  • TeleManagement Forum
  • HGI
  • DSL Forum
  • MFA
    and other bodies as required.

see also: WG1 | WG2 | WG3 | WG4 | WG5 | WG6 | WG7 | WG8


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