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Terms of Reference for TISPAN WG6
(Competence Center for Testing)

TISPAN WG6 is responsible for:

  • Management and co-ordination of the development of the testing specifications for the next generation telephony;
  • Providing testing specifications for TISPAN-developed specifications and profiles;
  • Maintaining existing testing specifications as required;
  • Tracking ongoing worldwide bake-off, interoperability, testing and certification activities of interest to TISPAN. 


  • Elaborate Conformance Testing Specifications (TSS&TP, ATS) for TISPAN specifications;

  • Assist other TISPAN WGs with development of PICS specifications;

  • Elaborate Interoperability Testing Specifications of TISPAN protocols to other TISPAN protocols or others with which TISPAN protocols may interwork;

  • Maintain existing TISPAN test specifications as required;

  • Manage and steer TISPAN Testing STFs;

  • Provide feedback to and close liaison with other TISPAN WGs, in particular WG “Protocols”;

  • Promote TISPAN specifications and activities at testing events and in certification environments;

  • Support bake-off events, interoperability events, certification testing and other testing activities related to TISPAN specifications worldwide;

  • Provide test specifications for certification environments (e.g. the H.323 Forum and SIP Forum);

    The WG will expect support from ETSI PTCC.

 Collaboration with other bodies (both inside and outside ETSI)

  • Co-operation with other standards bodies and fora active in the same and related areas including:

              - TC MTS on new testing methodologies that can be applied to NGN related specifications;
              - 3GPP TSG CN (WGs 1, 4 for TIPHON testing activities, WG 5 for OSA testing activities);
              - 3GPP TSG T (WG 1 for Terminal testing)
              - ETSI TC LI, TC AT;
              - ITU-T SGs 11, 13, 16;
              - ECMA TC 32;
Various IETF WGs;
              - H.323 Forum, SIP Forum and Parlay group for interoperability testing.

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