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Terms of Reference for TISPAN WG5
(NGN Home Networking)



TISPAN WG 5 is responsible for:

§                     Analysing possible impacts on the “customer environment” derived from the high level system requirements for the support of the TISPAN defined services and capabilities with specific reference to the higher layers. The customer environment is intended as the customer network composed by customer gateway , end user equipment, network segments (physical wired or wireless connections between customer network elements), network adapters (performing a L1/L2 conversion between different network segments) and nodes (network adapters with L3 routing capabilities).

The NGN architecture, procedures, protocols and interfaces already defined by the other WGs will be considered as the reference starting point to define these detailed requirements within the customer environment.

§                     As a result of the first activity, define some set of requirements to be applied to the customer environment elements (customer devices and customer network gateways). If, based on the evolution of user needs or usage scenarios, modifications of the existing NGN is foreseen, the WG will forward the specific requirements to the other WGs having the responsibility of defining specifications for the NGN architecture, procedures, protocols and interfaces, and for IMS control platform.

Due to the particularities of the customer network gateways, other WGs in TISPAN may foresee modifications in such entity derived from the NGN solutions. Interaction with those working groups will be sought. 

§                     Ensuring the coherence or identifying misalignments with the activities carried out by other bodies and standardisation fora in the home networking field, identifying and covering lacks in requirements definition and, on the other hand, avoiding overlaps.

WG 5 Activities:

  • Define the different types of devices (including new and legacy devices) and their capabilities used in the customer network and specify the customer devices and network terminology.
  • Study and define the impact of existing NGN specifications defined in the other TISPAN groups on the customer devices and customer networks.
  • Study and define use cases and service requirements for customer devices and customer networks.
  • Study and define the architecture, reference points and standardized interfaces within the customer network.
  • Study and identify protocols within customer networks.
  • Identify possible impact on the NGN network and indicate these impacts to the other TISPAN groups.
  • Study and define security aspects for the customer network and customer devices when these are included within the NGN network in close cooperation with TISPAN WG 7.
  • Study and define QoS aspects in the customer network.
  • Study and define the impact of the ISIM, UICC in the NGN customer network (this includes both security and non-security aspects).
  • Study and define device management aspects.
  • Monitor and influence the work on customer devices and customer networking in other bodies.


Collaboration with other bodies (both inside and outside ETSI):

The WG5 will establish a collaboration with some bodies inside ETSI and outside (if ETSI has an external relation to them). A possible list of other bodies and standardization fora includes:

§                     ETSI DECT

§                     ETSI STQ

§                     ETSI AT/TM

§                     ETSI SCP

§                     ITU-T

§                     3GPP

§                     IETF

§                     DSL Forum

§                     DVB

§                     HGI

§                     DLNA

§                     OSGi

§                     OMA

§                     FMCA

§                     Wi-Fi Alliance

§                     CableLabs


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