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March 2011 News


Committee reorganization

TISPAN has started discussing a reorganization in order to master the challenges of future networks standardization.

Regulatory issues

The work on regulatory and public interest requirements is reaching completion. The goal is to collect together regulatory and public interest issues for NGN standardization and to carry out a review on the contents of the existing NGN documents in order to ensure that the requirements are properly incorporated into the specifications.

IPTV Release 3 complete

The set of technical specifications on IPTV for NGN Release 3 is now complete:

  • TS 181 016: Service Layer Requirements to integrate NGN Services and IPTV
  • TS 182 027: IPTV Architecture; IPTV functions supported by the IMS subsystem
  • TS 182 028: NGN integrated IPTV subsystem Architecture
  • TS 183 063: IMS-based IPTV stage 3 specification
  • TS 183 064: NGN integrated IPTV subsystem stage 3 specification
  • TR 187 013: Feasibility study on IPTV Security Architecture

Feature richness is the distinguishing aspects of IPTV for NGN Release 3. It specifies the technical capabilities for the following features.

Linear/ Broadcast TV, Linear/ Broadcast TV with Trick Play, Time Shifted TV, Content on Demand (CoD), Near COD, Push CoD, Network PVR, Client PVR, Audio, Pay-Per-View, Interactive TV, Service discovery, Service Information (EPG), Parental Control, User Profiling & Personalization, Communications and Messaging, Notifications, IPTV Presence, Interaction between users, Interaction with NGN services, Advertising, Targeted Advertising, User Generated Content, Internationalization, Content recommendation, Games, Picture, Bookmarks, Personalized Channel, Personalized Service Composition, Service Portability, Service Continuation between IPTV UEs, Service Continuation fixed-mobile, Remote Control of IPTV services, Emergency Information, Interaction with 3rd Party application (e.g. Parlay), Interaction with Internet Services, Service synchronization, Incoming call management.

In addition to these new IPTV for NGN Release 3 documents, several IPTV-related documents from IPTV for NGN Release 2 remain applicable:

  • TS 184 009: Rules covering the use of TV URIs for the Identification of Television Channels
  • TR 182 010: Peer-to-peer for content delivery for IPTV services - analysis of mechanisms and NGN impacts

Also, work is reaching completion on other IPTV related specifications:

  • TR 182 030: NGN based IPTV mapping or interconnect between IPTV systems (publication planned for April 2011)
    • Provide mapping of TISPAN IPTV architectures with other NGN based IPTV systems
  • TS 186 020: IMS-based IPTV interoperability test specification (publication planned for July 2011)
    • Preparing interoperability test specification together with ETSI STF413


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