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Advanced Search: Work Item Reference

In this box you can specify a work item reference which is allocated to all ETSI work items, or a part of the reference number. The * symbol can be used as a wildcard to replace any unknown number or letter.

Most Work Item References are constructed using the following rules:

  Deliverable class Deliverable type / TB code - WG code Serial number
Example: D EN / TM - 01 015
  Written as: DEN/TM-01015


Deliverable Class
Original Document
Revision of a Document
Deliverable Types
2TR   GSM Technical Report
2TS   GSM Technical Specification
3TR   3GPP Technical Report
3TS   3GPP Technical Specification
3WP   3GPP Work Item Package
AN   Advisory Note
E   European Telecommunication Standard
EG   ETSI Guide
EN   European Standard (Telecommunications series)
ES   ETSI Standard
GR   Group report
GS   Group Specification
GTS   GSM Technical Specification
I   Interim ETS
MI   Miscellaneous work item
NET   Norme Européenne de Télécommunication
SR   Special Report
TBR   Technical Basis for Regulation
TR   Technical Committee Reference Technical Report
TR   Technical Committee Technical Report
TR   Technical Report
TR   ETSI Technical Report
TS   Technical Specification
Separator: "/"
TB Code
3GPP   Third Generation Partnership Project
ACTE   Applications Committee for Terminal Equipment
AERO   Aeronautics
AFI   Autonomic network engineering for the self-managing Future Internet
ARF   Augmented Reality Framework
AT   Access and Terminals
ATA   Analogue Terminals & Access
ATM   Advanced Testing Methods
ATTM   Access, Terminals, Transmission and Multiplexing
BOARD   Board
BRAN   Broadband Radio Access Networks
BT   Business Telecommunications
BTC   Business TeleCommunications
CABLE   Integrated broadband cable telecommunication networks
CCM   intelligent Compound Content Management
CDM   european Common information sharing environment service and Data Model
CDP   City Digital Profile
CIM   cross-cutting Context Information Management
CN   Corporate Networks
CTM   Cordless Terminal Mobility
CYBER   Cyber Security
DECT   Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT)
DTA   Digital Terminals & Access
E2NA   End-to-End Network Architectures
E3MAG   ETSI 3GPP meeting Hosting Advisory Group
E4P   Europe for Privacy-Preserving Pandemic Protection
EASI   ETSI Project ATM Services and Inter-operability
ECI   Embedded Common Interface for exchangeable CA/DRM solutions
Ecma   Standardizing information and communications systems
EE   Environmental Engineering
EMAG   ETSI MIS Advisory Group
EMCDGAG   EMC Director-General's Advisory Gro
EMCRADIO   Technical Assembly Ad-hoc group on Horizontal EMC and Radio issues
EMTEL   Emergency Communications
ENI   Experiential Networked Intelligence
EPIC   European Project on Information Infrastructure Co-ordination Group
EPIISG   European Project on Information Infrastructure Starter Group
ERM   EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters
ESI   Electronic Signatures and Trust Infrastructures
ETI   Encrypted Traffic Integration
F5G   Fifth Generation Fixed Network
FC   Finance Committee
GA   General Assembly
GMMAFG   Global Multimedia Mobility Architecture Framework Group
GMMCG   Global Multimedia Mobiliy Co-ordination Group
GSM   Groupe Spécial Mobile
HF   Human Factors
HLTF   High Level Task Force
ICC   Integrated Circuit(s) Cards
IMCC   ISDN Management and Coordination C ommittee
IMPACT   International Marketing and Promotional Activities
INCUBATE   New ideas Incubator
INS   Identity and access management for Networks and Services
INT   Core Network and Interoperability Testing
IP6   IPv6 integration
IPE   IPv6 Enhanced innovation
IPR   Intellectual Property Rights
IPRC   Intellectual Property Rights Committee
ISAC   Integrated Sensing And Communications
ISI   Information Security Indicators
ISM   ISDN Standards Management
ITS   Intelligent Transport Systems
ITSC   Interregional Telecommunications Standards Committee
LI   Lawful Interception
LIS   Localisation Industry Standards
LTN   Low Throughput Networks
MBC   Mobile and Broadcast Convergence
MCD   Media Content Distribution
M-COMM   Mobile Commerce
MEC   Multi-access Edge Computing
MESA   Public Safety Partnership Project
MMG   Multimedia Management Group
MOI   Measurement Ontology for IP traffic
MSG   Mobile Standards Group
MTA   Multimedia Terminals & Applications
MTC   Mobile Thin Client
MTS   Methods for Testing & Specification
mWT   millimetre Wave Transmission
NA   Network Aspects
NBDG   New Business Development Group
NFV   Network Functions Virtualisation
NGP   Next Generation Protocols
NIN   Non-IP Networking
NTECH   Network Technologies
NUG   NGPP User Group
OCG   Operational Co-ordination Group
OEU   Operational energy Efficiency for Users
oneM2M   oneM2M
ORI   Open Radio equipment Interface
OSG   Open Smart Grid
OSL   OpenSlice
OSM   OpenSource MANO
PAC   Programme Advisory Commitee
PAS   Publicly Available Specifications
PDL   Permissioned Distributed Ledger
PLT   Powerline Telecommunications
PRO   Planning and Reporting Officers
PS   Paging Systems
PTS   Pay Terminals & Systems
QKD   Quantum Key Distribution
QSC   Quantum Safe Cryptography
REDCYBER   Cybersecurity for Radio Equipment Directive
RES   Radio Equipment & Systems
RIS   Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces
RRS   Reconfigurable Radio Systems
RT   Railway telecommunications
SAFETY   Safety
SAGE   Security Algorithms Group of Experts
SAI   Securing Artificial Intelligence TC
SAI_ISG   Securing Artificial Intelligence
SEC   Security
SES   Satellite Earth Stations & Systems
SET   Secure Element Technologies
SmartBAN   Smart Body Area Network
SmartM2M   Smart M2M
SMG   Special Mobile Group
SMT   Surface Mount Technique
SPAN   Services and Protocols for Advanced Networks
SPS   Signalling Protocols & Switching
SRC5   Private Networks
SRC6   European Information Infrastructure
STQ   Speech and multimedia Transmission Quality
TCC   TC Chairmen Coordination
TCCE   TETRA and Critical Communications Evolution
TE   Terminal Equipment
TFIG   Task Force Implementation Group
TFS   TeraFlowSDN
THz   TeraHertz technology
TIPHON   Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks
TISPAN   Telecoms & Internet converged Services & Protocols for Advanced Netwk.
TM   Transmission & Multiplexing
TMN   Telecommunications Management Network
TRAC   Technical Recommendations Applications Committee
TSA   TETRA security algorithms
UMTS   Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems
USER   User Group
ZSM   Zero-touch network and Service Management

Separator: "-"

WG Code

A 2 digit code identifying the Working Group, e.g. TM 1 = 01, TM 4 = 04. If there is no WG involved, then the value 00 is used (representing the TB).

Serial number

Usually a 3 or 4 digit number allocated by the Technical Body responsible for the work item (in some cases characters or numbers with more than 3 or 4 digits are used).

In addition, a work item can be split into multiple parts with the addition of a "part" indication (-1, -2, etc.) or into sub-parts (e.g. -1-1, -1-2).

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