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Pre-Defined Reports: EN Approval, Standstill, Transposition, And Deliverables

You have the option to produce reports showing the status of deliverables and the approval process they are following with these last three report options.

  • EN Approval is a tool which allows voting contacts of NSOs to submit their votes and comments on EN deliverables via a Web interface. This includes the One Step Approval Procedure and the Two Step Approval Procedures (Public Enquiry and Voting).
  • The Standstill tool allows the public to view ETSI work items for which standstill has been imposed. A description of the criteria used for querying the work item database is given by selecting from each form field title.
  • The Transposition search and view facility allows you to view all transposition data. You can define search criteria to select for which deliverables and countries the transposition data should be displayed.
  • The Deliverable application gives information about ETSI deliverables made available to the National Statndards Organizations (NSOs) for the purpose of Public Enquiry and Voting plus publications made during the last 6 months.

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