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Transposition and Withdrawal 2024-06-23
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Query Select what you are looking for and then use the CSV feature.
This feature will provide you with a file containing all the information given in a CSV file to easily transpose the standards using the "Transpose via file" facility.
The following steps need to be taken to get the information concerning the documents you are looking for:
A Country MUST be selected for this search.
If you are searching for documents that have NOT been transposed then the transposition section for the search criteria will be disabled.
Otherwise you can search for documents which have already been transposed using the search criteria.
Display Parameters
Sort Results by : Documents Listed :
ETSI Doc. Nb.
Work Item Ref.
Technical Body
Not transposed

Define Transposition
National Standard Identification
Transposition Between (dates)
Define Document
Document Type
ETSI Doc. Number
Work Item Reference
Technical Body
The following information will be displayed and you will have the possibility by clicking on the CSV icon (see picture below) to get a file which will help you to transpose via file (see transpose via file).
An excel file, notepad or .CSV file will be displayed for update. Do not forget to save it to be able to upload it via transposition via file if you wish to do so.