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Explanation of Field Work Item Ref.

This reference brings together identification information with information from some of the other fields and it uniquely identifies each work item. Experienced users will probably be the most likely users of this search field.

Wildcards are allowed:
Use the "asterisk" * or the "percent" symbol, %, to designate one or more unknown characters.

Most Work Item References are constructed using the following rules:

"Deliverable class" + "Deliverable type" / "TC code" - "STC code" + "Serial number"

Example: DE/TE-01014


Deliverable Class
D Original Document
R Revision of a Document

Deliverable Types
E European Telecommunication Standard
EN European Standard (Telecommunications series)

Separator: "/"

TB Code
AT Access and Terminals
ATA Analogue Terminals & Access
ATM Advanced Testing Methods
BRAN Broadband Radio Access Networks
BT Business Telecommunications
BTC Business TeleCommunications
CN Corporate Networks
CTM Cordless Terminal Mobility
DECT Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DTA Digital Terminals & Access
EASI ETSI Project ATM Services and Inter-operability
ECMATC32 Communication, Networks & Systems Interconnection (ECMA)
EE Environmental Engineering
EMAG ETSI MIS Advisory Group
EMCDGAG EMC Director-General's Advisory Gro
EMCRADIO Technical Assembly Ad-hoc group on Horizontal EMC and Radio issues
EPIC European Project on Information Infrastructure Co-ordination Group
ERM EMC and Radio Spectrum Matters
GA General Assembly
GMMAFG Global Multimedia Mobility Architecture Framework Group
HF Human Factors
ICC Integrated Circuit(s) Cards
IMCC ISDN Management and Coordination C ommittee
IMIMG ISDN Network Operators Group
IMIMG Associate Members
IMIMG Permanent Observers
IMIMG Observers
IMPACT European Telecommunication Standards Awareness Group
INCUBATE New ideas Incubator
IPRC Intellectual Property Rights Committee
ISM ISDN Standards Management
ITSC Interregional Telecommunications Standards Committee
JEEC Joint ECMA ETSI Committee
M-COMM Mobile Commerce
MESA Public Safety Partnership Project
MMG Multimedia Management Group
MSG Mobile Standards Group
MTA Multimedia Terminals & Applications
MTS Methods for Testing & Specification
NA Network Aspects
NBDG New Business Development Group
OCG Operational Co-ordination Group
PAC Programme Advisory Commitee
PAS Publicly Available Specifications
PLT Powerline Telecommunications.
PRO Planning and Reporting Officers
PS Paging Systems
PTS Pay Terminals & Systems
RES Radio Equipment & Systems
RT Railway telecommunications
SAGE Security Algorithms Group of Experts
SCP Smart Card Platform
SEC Security
SES Satellite Earth Stations & Systems
SMG Special Mobile Group
SPAN Services and Protocol for Advanced Networks
SPS Signalling Protocols & Switching
STQ Speech Processing, Transmission and Quality Aspects
TCC TC Chairmen Coordination
TE Terminal Equipment
TETRA Terrestrial Trunked Radio
TFIG Task Force Implementation Group
TIPHON Telecommunications and Internet Protocol Harmonization Over Networks
TM Transmission & Multiplexing
TMN Telecommunications Management Network
TRAC Technical Recommendations Applications Committee
UMTS Universal Mobile Telecommunications Systems
USER User Group

Separator: "-"

STC Code
A 2 digit code identifying the STC, e.g RES 1 = 01, RES 2 = 02.
If there is no STC involved, then the value 00 is used.

Serial number

A 3 or 4 digit number allocated by the Technical Body responsible for the work item.

In addition, a work item can be split into multiple parts with the addition of a "part" indication (-1, -2, etc.).