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Details of 'DTS/TSGT-0134124U' Work Item
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  DTS/TSGT-0134124U TS 134 124   3GPP T 1
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  Publication (2000-05-17) 3.0.0 2000-03-31   1999-05-04
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Ole Soerensen Carmine Rizzo No
Title Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) for terminal equipment (3G TS 34.124 version 3.0.0 Release 1999)
Scope and Field
of Application
TSG-T WG T1/EMC: 3GPP EMC standards need to meet global/regional requirements, difficulties in incorporating in 3GPP specifications.
EMC regulatory requirements for each region/country should be handled as separate annexes of the same deliverable.
Equipment intended for sell in more than one country/region will then need to be tested against the relevant annexes, and the results submitted to each region/country's regulatory/certification body.
Inside 3GPP: RAN4 and T1/EMC to proceed independently. T1 to harmonize EMC specifications for global circulation of 3G terminal equipment.
Outside 3GPP: to liaise with CISPR. EMC requirements above 1 GHz are being developed by CISPR/IEC, with a longer timeframe than 3GPP's. LS from T1/EMC to CISPR should get "green light" from PCG (04/99). 
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2000-10-24 ravoiref WI Revision. 1 WI created with Ref: DTS/TSGT-0134124UR1. Comments copied = No, Schedule copied = Default

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