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Details of 'DTR/TISPAN-02075-NGN-R3' Work Item
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  DTR/TISPAN-02075-NGN-R3 TR 182 010   TISPAN 02
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  Publication (2010-02-23) 3.1.1 2010-02-23   2008-08-19
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Oskar Van Deventer Sonia Compans No
Title Telecommunications and Internet converged Services and Protocols for Advanced Networking (TISPAN); Peer-to-peer for content delivery for IPTV services: analysis of mechanisms and NGN impacts
Peer-to-peer for content delivery for IPTV services: analysis 
Scope and Field
of Application
Peer-to-peer for content delivery for IPTV services: use cases, requirements, architecture studies and other aspects.
The scope of this work item includes:
·Use cases and requirements
oTypes of peer-to-peer mechanisms
§Delivery of stored/off-line content
§Delivery of streaming content
oApplication of peer-to-peer mechanisms
§Deliver content from IPTV Service Provider to Consumer
§Share User-Generated Content (UGC) between users via the IPTV solution
§Acquire content from third-party Content Providers by IPTV Service Provider.
§Manage content within the IPTV solution
§Customer profiling based on traffic characteristics
·Architecture studies
oTopology analysis
oSuper-peer-based solution architectures
oImpact on TISPAN IPTV network architecture
oImpact on Customer Premises Network architecture
·Other aspects
oNetwork aspects, transport level
oSecurity aspects, risk analysis
oLegal aspects
oCharging aspects
oTraffic management aspects
oIndexing aspects ("naming")
oConcatenation of peer-to-peer ("NNI")
The Work Item meetings will take place as part of the joint WG1/2 meetings, as the core of the work is use cases, requirements and architecture, focussed on the TISPAN IPTV network architecture.
Other WG's will be informed and involved when theWG1/2 meeting decides this is appropriate.
The output of this Work Item will be an informational document that may serve as input to future IPTV and other NGN activities.
TNO; KPN; Alcatel-Lucent; ZTE; NEC; Telecom Italia; Huawei  


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Content delivery
Official Journal
2008-08-19 boswarthickd Created in Aug 2008, but TB approved at TISPAN#18 July 2008 in 18PTD097

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