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Details of 'RTR/ESI-000009' Work Item
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  RTR/ESI-000009 TR 102 040 220 ESI
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  TB decision to make document historical (2017-07-26) 1.2.1 2004-02-24 View Standstill Information 2002-07-25
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Nick Pope Claire d'Esclercs No
Title International Harmonization of Policy Requirements for CAs issuing Certificates
Internationalization of certificate policies (ISO TC 68) 
Scope and Field
of Application
ISO TC 68 has started a work item on a PKI Practices and Policy Framework. This work item is targeted at the Banking community but it has already been recognised by groups working on PKI (e.g. PKI forum) that this has general applicability to PKI and CA for a range of market sectors.
The ISO TC 68 activities are being monitored by the ETSI ESI WG, but additional resources is needed to make any type of significant impact on this work. An American national standard ANSI X9.79 has been fed in as a starting point as the starting point but it has been requested that this is generalised to take into account other International activities, in particular to take account of the EU Directive on Electronic Signatures and TS 101456. 
Bull S.A., DTI, Ficora, Prime Minister's Office Hungary, Studio Notarile Genghini, Telia AB 


Keywords Projects Clusters Frequencies Mandates Directives
Public key
trust services
Electronic Signatures
NGN6: Security
Official Journal
2017-07-26 compans Deliverable obsolete, not maintained anymore
2002-09-20 mcauley Task 2 of STF 220
2002-07-25 saintpere Tansferred from WG SEC ESI ( DTR/SEC-004023)

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