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  RTS/TSGT-0134108UR1 TS 134 108   3GPP T 1
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  Publication (2000-08-22) 3.0.1 2000-06-22   2000-08-02
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Nouhman Chalabi Issam Toufik No
Title Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS); Common Test Environments for User Equipment (UE) Conformance Testing (3G TS 34.108 version 3.0.1 Release 1999)
Scope and Field
of Application
TSG-T WG1/RF: The present document contains definitions of reference conditions and test signals, default parameters, reference Radio Bearer configurations, common requirements for test equipment and generic set-up procedures for use in UE conformance tests.
The content of this specification is directly related to common contents in RF and Signalling tests in [1] TS 34.123-1, [2] TS 34.121, [3] TS 34.122, [4] TS 34.124, [5] TS 34.109.

In general, test cases for signalling [1], RF [2][3] and EMC [4] conformance require the UE to be in a well defined state prior to executing the test sequence.
There are a large number of test cases, and a much smaller number of starting states, with many test cases starting from identical, or similar, states.
Because of the commonality between starting states and other initial and environmental parameters for executing the test cases, it is desirable to maintain these items in a single, common, specification that can be reference by test cases in [1], [2], [3] and [4].

Supporting organisations: ANRITSU Ltd., Ericsson, Anite Telecoms, Sony.
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2000-10-24 ravoiref WI Revision. 1 WI created with Ref: RTS/TSGT-0134108UR2. Comments copied = No, Schedule copied = Default

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