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  Work Item Current Status Stable Draft WG Approval TB Approval MV/PE/OAP Start PE End Voting Start Approval End Adoption Publication OJ Publication
1. GS LIS 004
2012-04-16   2012-06-08           2012-07-10  
Download the standard ref:
DGS/LIS-0004 (Word Format) Download standard ref:
DGS/LIS-0004 (PDF Format) Title
Localisation Industry Standards (LIS);
Global Information Management Metrics eXchange Volume (GMX-V)
Global information management Metrics eXchange Volume (GMX-V)
2. GS LIS 002
    2013-01-10           2013-02-11  
Download the standard ref:
DGS/LIS-0002 (Word Format) Download standard ref:
DGS/LIS-0002 (PDF Format) Title
Localisation Industry Standards (LIS);
Translation Memory eXchange (TMX)
ETSI ISG LIS GS Translation Memory eXchange (TMX)
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