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Details of 'DGS/OEU-0028' Work Item

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  DGS/OEU-0028 GS OEU 028   OEU
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  Start of work (2018-06-22)     View Standstill Information 2018-07-02
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Gilles Dretsch Marlène Forina No
Title OEU Practical recommendations to improve collection and treatment of WEEE for the ICT Sector
Practical recommendations to improve collection and treatment of WEEE for the ICT Sector 
Scope and Field
of Application
Based on the frame defined by ETSI EN 305 174-8 ; the purpose of this GS is to provide more detailed on the field recommendations to improve collection and traceability of WEEE for the ICT sector. It will focus on applicable recommendations for users and their WEEE management agreed partners to improve collection, recycling or refurbishment of old equipment’s.  
Orange, Skylane Optics, Airbus DS SLC, Association eG4U 


Keywords Projects Clusters Frequencies Mandates Directives
  e-waste management
ICT sites
Waste management
  Better Living with ICT
Official Journal
2020-02-18 forina stopped because STF 571 issued EN 305 174-8 on waste management that covers this GS
2018-07-02 FORINA TB adoption of WI OEU, see contribution OEU(18)000003
2018-07-02 FORINA WI proposed to TB OEU, see contribution OEU(18)000003

  Work Item Aspects
Environment aspects Operational conditions
Other matters
ICT Waste Management
Key requirements Accessibility and usability
For implementation of ETSI EN 305 174-8 on ICT Waste Management

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