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Details of 'DTR/M-COMM-02-003' Work Item
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  DTR/M-COMM-02-003 TR 102 071   M-COMM 02
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  Publication (2002-07-19) 1.1.1 2002-07-19   2000-12-05
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Mark Kamers Michael Sharpe No
Title Mobile Commerce (M-COMM); Requirements for Payment Methods for Mobile Commerce
Scope and Field
of Application
A subgroup (WG Payment) within EP M-Commerce shall be established with the following work programme:
4. Analyse the business models for up to 5 (10) largest / most interesting Payment Service Providers for m-commerce in Europe (World wide?) utilising
- Use Cases (user orientation)
- Interview of Payment of Service Provider (internal orientation)

5. Create a report covering the following content for each business model
- Description of Payment Services offered
- Category of Business (B2B, B2C...)
- Detailed description of mobile technology used or intentions to use (including infrastructure)
- Requirements of Payment Service Provider from new / used mobile technology
- List of all bodies / committees where the Payment Service Provider expects support / guidance from
6. Work Group structure
- headed by WG chairman
- Scheduled meeting dates
- Progress report to each EP M-Commerce assembly
- Ad-hoc information exchange with WG content 
Alcatel BT Sonera Telia AB 


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