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Details of 'DEN/ECMA-00161' Work Item
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  DEN/ECMA-00161 EN 301 924   Ecma
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  Publication (2002-09-23) 1.1.1 2002-09-23 View Standstill Information 1998-10-05
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Johannes Winter Christian Julien No View Transposition Data
Title Private Integrated Services Network (PISN); Mapping functions for the employment of 64 kbit/s circuit mode connections with 8 kbit/s sub-multiplexing [ISO/IEC 17311 (2002) modified]
Mapping 64 kbs in 8 kbs 
Scope and Field
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This standard defines the mapping functions in exchanges of Private Integrated Services Networks (PISNs) required for the utilisation of scenarios in which 64 kbit/s circuit mode connections are sub-multiplexed into 8 kbit/s channels for carrying inter-PINX signalling and user information. 
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