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Details of 'RGS/NFV-SOL001ed441' Work Item
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  RGS/NFV-SOL001ed441 GS NFV-SOL 001   NFV SOL
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  Publication (2023-05-11) 4.4.1 2023-05-11 View Standstill Information 2022-09-16
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Shitao Li Nicolae Madalin Neag No
Title Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) Release 4; Protocols and Data Models; NFV descriptors based on TOSCA specification
TOSCA-based NFV descriptors spec 
Scope and Field
of Application
This revision of NFV-SOL001 continues the development of the specification as part of the NFV Release 4. This edition will extend the specification of descriptors to support the Release 4 features. The scope of the former edition is summarized hereafter:

NFV-SOL 001 specifies a data model specification for NFV descriptors, using the TOSCA-Simple-Profile-YAML-v1.3, fulfilling the requirements specified in ETSI GS NFV-IFA 011 and ETSI GS NFV-IFA 014 for a Virtualised Network Function Descriptors (VNFD), a Network Service Descriptor (NSD) and a Physical Network Function Descriptor (PNFD). NFV-SOL 001 also specifies requirements on the VNFM and NFVO specific to the handling of NFV descriptors based on the TOSCA-Simple-Profile-YAML-v1.3. 
Huawei, Orange, DOCOMO, Ericsson, Nokia 


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Official Journal
2023-04-19 neagn WI Revision. 1 WI created with Ref: RGS/NFV-SOL001ed451. Comments copied = No, Schedule copied = Default
2023-03-22 neagn TB approval proposal in contribution NFV(23)000039 was Accepted by NFV (see RC NFV(23)DEC262)
2023-02-17 lishi Draft contributed - V 4.3.6 contributed for Decision in NFV(23)000039 as Final draft for approval
2023-02-09 lishi Status updated - V 4.3.6 with status: Final draft for approval
2023-01-24 lishi A new draft is uploaded - V 4.3.6 with status: Stable draft
2022-12-15 lishi A new draft is uploaded - V 4.3.5 with status: Early draft
2022-12-03 lishi A new draft is uploaded - V 4.3.4 with status: Early draft
2022-10-13 lishi A new draft is uploaded - V 4.3.3 with status: Early draft
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