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Details of 'DTR/EE-EEPS60' Work Item
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  Early draft (2022-11-18) 0.0.1 Draft   View Standstill Information 2022-09-27
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Peter Gibson Marcello Pagnozzi No
Title Environmental Engineering (EE); Processor power management functionality of servers
Processor power management functionality of servers 
Scope and Field
of Application
Technical Report (TR) will focus on the characteristics, benefits and limitations of processor power management features in deployment situations, taking into account the work done in TGG.

Server power management features will also be available for system fans, memory, storage, Graphic Processing Units and I/O components. Their combined implementation introduces greater complexity and requires a higher level of integration with the serverís platform firmware and operating system. The component power management is beyond the scope of this report.

This TR will provide a brief overview of CPU P-states and C-states, test data detailing the power demand reductions achieved by different power management implementations, the measured active state energy efficiency improvements, and the performance and exit latency impacts of server power management features.

The TR only addresses the current state of these technologies 
Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, Cisco Systems Belgium, Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd, Dell Products 


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      Better Living with ICT
Official Journal
2022-11-21 gibson Draft contributed - V 0.0.1 contributed for Discussion in EEPS(22)000054 as Early draft
2022-11-18 gibson A new draft is uploaded - V 0.0.1 with status: Early draft
2022-09-29 PAGNOZZI TB adoption of WI EE, see contribution EE(22)062030
2022-09-27 PAGNOZZI WI proposed to WG EE EEPS, see contribution EE(22)062030
2022-09-27 PAGNOZZI WI accepted by WG EE EEPS, see contribution EEPS(22)062024
2022-09-27 PAGNOZZI WI proposed to WG EE EEPS, see contribution EEPS(22)062024

Specific aspects
  Environmental aspects
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