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Details of 'RGS/ENI-001v321_Use_cases' Work Item
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  RGS/ENI-001v321_Use_cases GS ENI 001   ENI
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  Early draft (2021-12-16) 3.1.5 Draft   View Standstill Information 2021-09-13
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Da Wang Christine Mera No
Title Use Cases
Use Cases 
Scope and Field
of Application
The purpose of the present document is to specify additional use cases and scenarios that are enabled with enhanced experience, through the use of network intelligence, in particular the technologies studied in the new work items (e.g., intent networking) in the same phase of ENI. The specification will give the baseline on how the studies in ENI can be applied as solutions of the identified use cases in accordance with the ENI Reference Architecture, and will substantially benefit the operators and other stakeholders.

In Release 3 the WI will add additional use cases, as well as the use of ENI in the network and for third parties, including the use of ENI in intent-based networks and capability exposure to third parties, and other aspects of ENI application as it evolves. 
Huawei UK;Intel Corporation (UK) Ltd;AsiaInfo Technology Inc; ZTE Corporation Inc 


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  artificial intelligence
use case
Official Journal
2021-12-16 forbesra Status updated - V 3.1.5 with status: Early draft
2021-12-15 wangd3 Draft contributed - V 3.1.5 contributed for Decision in ENI(21)020_051 as Final draft for approval
2021-12-15   A new draft is uploaded - V 3.1.5 with status: Final draft for approval
2021-11-23 forbesra Early draft proposal in contribution ENI(21)000_246 was Withdrawn by ENI
2021-11-23 forbesra Draft contributed - V 3.1.4 contributed for Decision in ENI(21)000_248 as Early draft
2021-11-23 forbesra A new draft is uploaded - V 3.1.4 with status: Early draft - with comment: Revised in call_195Bis
2021-11-17 forbesra Draft contributed - V 3.1.3 contributed for Information in ENI(21)000_246 as Early draft
2021-11-02 forbesra A new draft is uploaded - V 3.1.3 with status: Early draft - with comment: Approved in call_196 Editorial changes
2021-11-02 mera Draft file Deleted - Version 3.2.1 in file ENI-001v321v321.docx has been permanently deleted
2021-11-02 forbesra Draft contributed - V 3.1.2 contributed for Decision in ENI(21)000_222r1 as Working Draft
2021-11-02 forbesra Working Draft proposal in contribution ENI(21)000_222 was Revised by ENI
2021-10-25 wangd3 Draft contributed - V 3.1.2 contributed for Decision in ENI(21)000_222 as Working Draft
2021-10-25   A new draft is uploaded - V 3.1.2 with status: Preliminary Draft
2021-10-25   A new draft is uploaded - V 3.2.1 with status: Preliminary Draft

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