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Details of 'REN/EE-02102' Work Item
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  REN/EE-02102 EN 300 132-1   EE 02
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  Publication (2022-11-02) 2.2.1 2022-11-02 View Standstill Information 2021-05-26
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Beniamino Gorini Marcello Pagnozzi No View Transposition Data
Title Environmental Engineering (EE); Power supply interface at the input to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) equipment; Part 1: Alternating Current (AC)
AC power interface 
Scope and Field
of Application
The following items will be considered in this revision:
- Defined the power frequency covered by this standard
- Revise the voltage variation requirements for wide voltage range because the present publication does not reflect the real power sources
- Clarify the test bench to measure the inrush current
Furthermore, other items that maybe raised during this revision will be addressed but the NWI scope will be revised to reflect the items under revision 
TELECOM ITALIA S.p.A., Nokia Corporation, Ericsson AB, Huawei Tech.(UK) Co.. Ltd, BT plc 


Keywords Projects Clusters Frequencies Mandates Directives
  Better Living with ICT
Official Journal
2022-05-12 pagnozzi WG approval proposal in contribution EE(22)061032 was Accepted by EE
2022-05-11 pagnozzi Draft contributed - V 2.1.4 contributed for Decision in EE(22)061032 as WG approval
2022-05-11 pagnozzi Stable draft proposal in contribution EE2(22)061002 was Accepted by EE 02
2022-05-04 gorinib Draft contributed - V 2.1.4 contributed for Discussion in EE2(22)061002 as Stable draft
2022-05-04 GORINIB A new draft is uploaded - V 2.1.4 with status: Stable draft
2021-12-09 pagnozzi Early draft proposal in contribution EE2(21)060011 was Noted by EE 02 (see RC EE2(21)DIS042)
2021-10-13 gorinib Draft contributed - V 2.1.3 contributed for Discussion in EE2(21)060011 as Early draft
2021-10-13 GORINIB A new draft is uploaded - V 2.1.3 with status: Early draft - with comment: Second early draft
2021-10-12 gorinib Draft contributed - V 2.1.2 contributed for Discussion in EE2(21)060007 as Early draft
2021-10-12 GORINIB A new draft is uploaded - V 2.1.2 with status: Early draft
2021-06-18 HOCKLEYR TB adoption of WI EE, see contribution EE(21)059036
2021-05-28 HOCKLEYR WI proposed to WG EE 02, see contribution EE(21)059036
2021-05-28 GORINIB WI accepted by WG EE 02, see contribution EE2(21)059008
2021-05-26 GORINIB WI proposed to WG EE 02, see contribution EE2(21)059008

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