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Details of 'RMI/NFV-SOL008ed2020' Work Item
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  RMI/NFV-SOL008ed2020 MI 586 NFV SOL
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Cover Date Standstill Creation Date
  WG app of OpenAPI rep for SOL2/3/5 ed271 (2020-04-02) 2.7.1   View Standstill Information 2019-08-06
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Vlademir Brusse Laurent Vreck No
Title Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV); Protocol and Data Models; Management of the OpenAPI Work Programme 2020
OpenAPI Work Programme 2020 
Scope and Field
of Application
This work item aims at managing the OpenAPI work programme. This will enable the ETSI NFV OpenAPI work to be tracked within the ETSI Work Programme to assess progress towards the completion of deliverables.
Deliverables include:
1) The definition and maintenance of OpenAPI representations of the ETSI NFV Release 2 APIs and beyond.
2) Enhancements/modifications to OpenAPI governance.
3) Maintenance of the ETSI NFV SOL WG public and private Wiki pages.
4) Recommendations to improve ETSI CTI tools to better enable the management of the OpenAPI work programme.

Within this MI, the OpenAPI representations will be developed and/or maintained for each SOL WG API publication (currently GS NFV-SOL 002, GS NFV-SOL 003, GS NFV-SOL 005, GS NFV-SOL 009, GS NFV-SOL 012, GS NFV-SOL 013, and GS NFV-SOL 015 but not limited to these GSs in the future).

Within the OpenAPI work programme, reported “bugs” and their resolution will be tracked. This work is the continuation of the work performed by MI NFV-SOL 008. 
Orange, Ericsson LM, DOCOMO Communications Lab., Nokia Germany 


Keywords Projects Clusters Frequencies Mandates Directives
Official Journal
2019-09-02 NGUYENPH TB adoption of WI NFV, see contribution NFV(19)000208r1 in RC NFV(19)DEC113
2019-08-07 NGUYENPH WI proposed to WG NFV SOL, see contribution NFV(19)000208r1
2019-08-06 NGUYENPH WI proposed to TB NFV, see contribution NFV(19)000208
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