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  RTS/SET-TSSPve00 TS 103 465-2   SET TEC
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  No status available     View Standstill Information 2016-07-20
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  Heiko Kruse Hakim Mkinsi No
Title Smart Cards; Requirements for a new secure element
Scope and Field
of Application
The current specification of the (e)UICC is based on the ISO/IEC 7816 series of specifications for IC-cards. This series of specifications has been developed in 1980s and was suitable at that point in time but today limits the capabilities that are required by the market. The current (e)UICC specifications also link the form factor to the electrical interface and the logical protocol. This link limits the (e)UICC implementations to specified form factors.
New requirements are emerging, for example inspired from embedded secure elements in terminals that are intended to provide security services or store data securely. Such embedded secure elements may come in different form factors and are intended to be integrated into the terminals architecture and using other electrical and physical interfaces than those used by the (e)UICC. Such secure elements could also provide the capability to store large amount of data to be protected which requires new and more efficient ways to store and manage data.
The scope of the work is to collect and define requirements for the (e)UICC to evolve to be used as a more generic secure element in various areas and taking into account state of the art technologies. The work includes the following aspects:
-Improvement of existing physical/electrical interface and/or logical interface or definition of new ones for removable and non-removable secure elements.
-Definition of a framework for new flexible ETSI form factors for a secure element (for non-removable secure elements, interoperability may not be required in terms of physical dimensions, pin locations and physical/electrical interface).Definition of new data structures being able to handle large amount of data in a secure way.
Potential impacts on the use of APDUs and maintaining the ability to transport them as well as impact on the SWP/HCI interface and protocols shall be taken into account, including potential separation of layers in line with the ISO/OSI layer model.
The work shall also provide secure element configurations (i.e. sets of specific choices of options e.g. regarding physical form factor, electrical interface, data structure, etc) that include the logical interface, physical interface or the binding to physical layer protocols and hardware platforms. These configurations shall also provide the possibility for a certification against existing certification schemes, e.g. common criteria. Such configurations shall cover at least:
-use as an (e)UICC and providing at least the same security level (e.g. according to an applicable Protection Profile such as BSI-CC-PP-0089-2015).
-an optimized configuration for IoT (e.g. for future 3GPP 5G or oneM2M).
The solutions defined in this work item shall be able to fulfil the security requirements of the applications for which they are intended.
Note; (e)UICC means UICC and/or eUICC 
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2020-07-20 pisons Stopped WI. Decision taken by SCP #93
2020-05-04 follero A new draft is uploaded - V 0.1.0 with status: Preliminary Draft
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