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  DTS/INT-00136-3 TS 103 530-3 526 INT
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  Publication (2018-02-13) 1.1.1 2018-02-13 View Standstill Information 2016-04-15
  Rapporteur Technical Officer Harmonised Standard
  Peter Schmitting Helene Schmidt No
Title Core Network and Interoperability Testing (INT); NAS Conformance Testing for the S1-MME interface; (3GPPTM Release 13); Part 3: Abstract Test Suite (ATS) and partial Protocol Implementation eXtra Information for Testing (PIXIT) pro forma specification
ATS and PIXIT - NAS Conformance Testing for the S1-MME interface 
Scope and Field
of Application
Recently major efforts have been made by VoLTE component providers to inter-connect complete networks, i.e. connecting the single components that comprise a VoLTE network of different operators to allow seamless roaming for end customers and complete and reliable functionality for network providers. The S1-MME interface is a very important point for testing as it typically connects the radio components of one vendor to the MME of another vendor making flawless interworking of those components essential to the functioning of the network. Beside VoLTE the S1-MME interface is also of high importance for local small cell networks and new emerging technologies such as M2M communications.
Following the methodologies developed and used by ETSI this implies the production of multi-part conformance test specification documents covering the both the static conformance review (PICS proforma) and the dynamic conformance review (Test Purposes, Abstract Test Suite). The result would be a complete set of test suites for both the S1AP and the NAS protocols.
ETSI members have expressed their interest in test specifications related to the S1AP and NAS protocol as defined in ETSI TS 136 413 and ETSI TS 124 301 and also declared their willingness to review the outputs of this STF and in a later stage in a potential follow-up project provide ETSI with the possibility to validate the outputs of this STF against their network components (i.e. eNodeB and MME). See also list of supporting organisations.

Telekom Austria AG, TELECOM ITALIA S.p.A., Deutsche Telekom AG, Sintesio, Foundation 


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Official Journal
2017-12-19 schmidth Draft contributed - V 0.0.4 contributed for Decision in INT(17)000005 as Final draft for approval
2017-12-19 schmitting A new draft is uploaded - V 0.0.4 with status: Final draft for approval
2017-11-09 schmitting Draft contributed - V 0.0.3 contributed for Discussion in INT(17)038040 as Stable draft
2017-11-09 schmitting A new draft is uploaded - V 0.0.3 with status: Stable draft
2017-06-01 schmitting Draft contributed - V 0.0.1 contributed for Discussion in INT(17)037012 as Early draft
2017-06-01 schmitting A new draft is uploaded - V 0.0.1 with status: Early draft
2016-04-26 SCHMIDTH TB adoption of WI INT, see contribution INT(16)000007 in RC INT(16)DEC041
2016-04-15 SCHMIDTH WI proposed to TB INT, see contribution INT(16)000007
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